BinDoc GmbH

BinDoc Analytics is a completely web-based software for hospital analysis. The tool allows a holistic analysis and interpretation of the hospital market by combining a multitude of data and sources. The BinDoc database contains data from more than 1.700 hospitals, enables all stakeholders a comparison of more than 19 million inpatient cases annually and provides more than 80 million population data. In this way, hospitals can best position themselves in the regional market, since success strategies can be identified and costs can be optimized. 

The service portfolio comprises the following areas:

  • Analysis of the market, the market potential and the competition 
  • Forecasts on the basis of OPS, DRG and ICD
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive analysis


All available data and data combinations of the BinDoc database can also be made available in the form of individual evaluations. 

The analysis and interpretation capabilities of BinDoc Analytics provide significant value for hospital managers, health consultants and medical technology companies.

AngioConsult is a sales partner of BinDoc GmbH. We will be happy to provide information about the analysis options with BinDoc Analytics and demonstrate the tool that suits your individual needs by appointment.